Creative Policies

Find the most common reasons as to why your titles or creatives were rejected.
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Please find below reasons as to why your creative(s) may have been denied:


  • Inappropriate or improper punctuation in headlines such as repeated punctuation (???!!!) or symbols (-->, @, *, etc) are not allowed
  • Periods and ellipses are not allowed at the end of headlines
  • Headline - Misspelling(s)
  • Headline - Capitalized Letters
  • The first letter of all major words should be capitalized (eg. The World’s Scariest Roller Coasters)
  • Headlines and individual words cannot be in ALL CAPS (exception: Acronyms such as NASA)
  • No use of the word "shocking" or any of its derivatives
  • No use of the word “trick” for nutraceutical, finance, or lottery offers
  • No use of the word “breakthrough” relating to weight loss, diabetes, Alzheimer's, or any other serious diseases
  • No false, misleading, or deceptive claims of any kind. All statements made in headlines MUST be substantiated
  • No vulgar or crude language
  • All words in the campaign headline must have correct spelling and grammar

Inaccurate Branding Text

Branding text must accurately reflect the source of the content.

Broken Landing Page

A campaign must click through to a working landing page with minimal redirects.

Ad Content/Landing Page Mismatch

Ad content must match your landing page. (ex. Content about the world’s best travel destinations cannot click through to a lander about cooking recipes.)

Image Guidelines

  • Image dimensions must be minimum 600x450px (or an upscaled increment of that, following a 4:3 ratio)
  • Images must fill the entire space allotted for creative (no white space along any sides)
  • Image cannot have a border or partial border
  • Image cannot have text in the creative
  • Image cannot be blurry or pixelated
  • You must own the rights to the creatives you upload
  • Explicit Images
  • Zoomed in body parts
  • Before and after images that imply results from a product
  • Sexually implicit images of women
  • Implied or overt nudity
  • Phallic shaped objects (in or near mouth)
  • Body Paint images
  • Images of people or animals with implied or explicit sexual activity
  • Excessive cleavage or provocative positions
  • Photo-shopping to enhance sexuality
  • PDA (not aggressive and no groping)
  • Vulgar or crude language
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