How do I scale my campaign?

You need to try and aim for a CPM upwards of $1.00 to be competitive in our marketplace.
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Earnify utilizes real-time bidding technology, meaning that all bids that we submit to our publishers are in the form of a CPM, even if your campaign is a CPC campaign.

You need to try and aim for a CPM upwards of $1.00 to be competitive in our marketplace. A lot of our publishers set a bid floor, so if you are bidding under this floor, your campaign won't even bid on the impressions.

CPM Campaign (Recommended)

CPM campaigns are the best campaigns to run on our network. A lot of advertisers have the assumption that a CPM campaign will not perform very well. This is not true, CPM campaigns send the same amount of (if not more) clicks as CPC campaigns and they still convert just as good. Because a CPM campaign is a flat bid, no guess work needs to be performed by our bidder to work out your CPM based on your CPC and CTR, so you automatically start winning bids as your CPM is already determined.

The CPM you bid is your maximum bid. You might bid $5.00 for US desktop, but win the auction for $0.43. Some of our premium publishers have higher bid floors, so if you want to win more premium traffic, it is best to have a higher CPM. Higher CPMs also enable you to win in better placements, meaning your CTR will also increase. On a CPM campaign, you will need to test different creatives to see which ones have the best CTR. You can then pause the creatives with lower CTR so you receive more clicks for your bid.

CPC Campaign:

To win bids on a CPC campaign, you need to have a strong CPC bid and a CTR of 0.2-0.5% or higher. When launching a CPC campaign, we recommend bidding $0.50+ with a daily cap of around $50 to allow your campaign to collect data. As your campaign begins capping out, you can start to lower your CPC a little and raise your daily cap.

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